Friday Talk Show (June 24, 2022): “How to smartly and economically improve soil quality”

📩 Sincerely to Ladies and Gentlemen, Businesses and Organizations!

🎯 Horticulture Innovation Club will organize the weekly Talkshow as usual on Friday, June 24, 2022 through Zoom.

🎯 This week’s topic: “How to smartly and economically improve soil quality”

❗ Soil is one of the factors affecting the growth, development as well as yield of plants. Specifically, the more fertile and fertile the soil, the greener the plants and vice versa.

👉 However, in recent years, the health of the soil has been declining. Due to improper cultivation, the soil is degraded, the soil is degraded, ..

❓ So how to nourish the soil?

❓ How does soil improvement help increase soil fertility?

❓ What are the methods of soil improvement commonly applied by farmers today?

❓ What is the smart and economical land reclamation solution?

👉 HIC will reveal the details in this Friday night talkshow along with:

  • Speaker: Dr. Tong Van Hai – Faculty of Biotechnology – Vietnam Academy of Agriculture

Time: 19:30-22 pm Friday 24/6/2022 🔗 🔗 Zoom link will be available for people who registered at:

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