Draft statute Organization and operation Horticulture innovation club



Article 1. Name, legal status, head office

  1. Name: Horticulture Innovation Club (English) – Câu Lạc bộ Đổi mới sáng tạo ngành rau hoa quả (Vietnamese)
  2. Abbreviation: HCIC – Câu Lạc bộ Đổi mới Sáng tạo
  3. International transaction name: Horticulture Innovation Club (Viết tắt HCIC)
  4. Website: www.hcic.org.vn
  5. Head office: Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Vĩnh Quỳnh, Thanh Trì, Hà Nội)

Article 2. Principle, purpose

  1. To create a forum for sharing information about new technologies, opportunities for business, cooperation, commercialization of new technologies and enhancing members’ competitiveness and to build an innovative ecosystem to compete and grow together
  2. To build competitiveness for SMEs, cooperatives, and researchers to identify and replicate initiatives and solutions to adapt to new situations such as Covid-19 epidemic or climate change.
  3. To connect researchers, small and medium enterprises, cooperatives and policy makers to support investment in startups and new technology transfer in the fruit and vegetable industry.
  4. To create a database of innovative technologies and Article facilitates the transfer and commercialization of new technology for club members.

Article 3. Target members

  1. Research institutions, universities, enterprises, cooperatives, and organizations and institutions operating in the field of fruit and vegetable production, processing and trading,
  2. Managers, intellectuals, researchers, and entrepreneurs voluntarily join the innovation ecosystem for the development of small and medium enterprises and cooperatives nationwide.



Article 4. Functions

  1. Creating a network of partners to promote innovation movement, develop new technology, participate in knowledge dissemination, transfer and commercialize new technology and innovation initiatives .
  2. Connecting agencies, units and organizations related to innovation activities, coordinating with the organization of events for businesses, cooperatives, and researchers to develop strategies. adaptation to climate change and Covid-19.
  3. Develop training programs to strengthen capacity for innovation and creativity, with a focus on skills to adapt to adverse events of climate change and Covid -19 epidemic.
  4. Connecting funds and capital sources for innovation, creation, developing new technologies, creating opportunities for members in investing, cooperating in innovation projects.
  5. Providing information and knowledge related to markets, marketing, production and business opportunities, and new technologies that can be transferred into production.
  6. Develop a mechanism for forecasting challenges faced by SMEs and cooperatives and innovative, timely and effective adaptation strategy solutions.

Article 5. Objectives

  1. Organizing activities and participating in supporting the organization of events, forums related to innovation activities in the sector of fruit and vegetables.
  2. Establish a network of organizations that support innovation, central and local investors, consultants, and policymakers.
  3. Provide consulting services, training to support innovation initiatives and projects.
  4. Search and connect investment funds, investors to identify effective investment opportunities in production and business activities.
  5. Introduce and evaluate innovative projects of innovation, introduce investment opportunities for club members and investment cooperation opportunities between members and domestic investors and international.
  6. Gather forces with passion and ability to develop new technologies to share experiences and disseminate and commercialize new technologies for club members..



 Article 6. Principle of operation

  1. SME Innovation Club and cooperatives organize and operate on the principles of voluntary, autonomous, self-balancing, complying with the laws of the State and under this Regulation.
  2. The club operates under the organization and administration operated by the Board of Directors and Board of Members
  3. The Club Advisory Board together with the Secretariat will be established to help the Board of Directors build plans, connect experts, investors, and club members to innovation activities.

Article 7. Organizational structure

  1. The club has a Board of Directors, including: Chairman, Deputy Directors, Secretaries, Advisory Boards.
  2. The Chairman, Vice-Directors of the Club, Advisory Board are elected at the club’s founding congress.
  3. The secretary of the club is assigned by the club manager and is consented by the club’s founding council.
  4. The Advisory Board has the right to re-evaluate activities, propose innovative activities in the club to maximize collective intelligence in the club.
  5. The club manager is responsible for all activities of the club and organizes assignments to the Deputy Directors, Clerks, Team Leader and Club members..

Article 8. Criteria for selecting and admitting club members

  1. Capable, dynamic, enthusiastic, prestigious, responsible, passionate about innovation, developing innovative technologies in the field of fruit and vegetable production and trading.
  2. Managers, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and investors who have the ability to research and build technologies, creative innovation as the basis for building an innovation ecosystem. and transfer of new technologies in research, development, dissemination and transfer of new technologies.
  3. The process of selecting and deciding to recognize, cancel members, the founding members of the club are decided by the Club Manager at the request of the advisory board.

Article 9. Regulations on selecting club members

  1. Participating in at least one of activities such as research, production, trading and development of new technologies in the field of fruit and vegetables.
  2. Voluntarily participating, capable of contributing opinions, sharing technologies and disseminating new scientific and technological information.
  3. There is a registration form to participate, along with the action plan and approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. The Innovation Club Management Board makes a membership decision 2 weeks after receiving the membership application.

Article 10. Canceling club membership terms

  1. Serious violation of regulations, affecting the prestige of the club.
  2. No active contributions for a period of 6 months from being recognized as a full member.

Article 11. Activities timeline, club meeting and reporting work

  1. The club will have quarterly activities (every 3 months) through face-to-face meetings or online meetings to define tasks, review innovative technology and implement plans for dissemination, transfer or commercialization of new technology products.
  2. The Board of Management will report on 6-month and annual activities to summarize the performance and develop work plans for the following years..


 Article 12. Legal source of income

  1. Events organized by the club, or in association with the organization of seminars to disseminate and disseminate innovative technologies
  2. Consultancy activities, seminars, from training activities to strengthen capacity of members and organizations, units not members of the club
  3. Funding from central and local organizations and units to support innovation, agricultural development and entrepreneurship
  4. Revenue from business activities regarding innovative products in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Article 13. Expenses

  1. Costs for club activities when organizing events and activities.
  2. Paying consultant, training coach to implement consultancy and training contracts.
  3. Expenditure for inviting speakers in club activities.
  4. Renting hall and drinking water in club activities.


Article 14:  This Statute has been unanimously adopted by the club members and is effective from the date of signing.

Article 15: The amendment of the Regulation must be approved by the Club Members’ Councils, the Chairman of the Innovation Club submitted and recognized by a new replacement document valid for implementation.

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